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Electrical Insulating Mats Electrical Insulating Mat Non Conductive Switchboard Mat Malaysia, Penang, Bayan Lepas Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | YGGS World Sdn Bhd NC10KV (Diamond Plate Design - Black) 1 NC10KV (Diamond Plate Design - Black) 2 NC10KV (Diamond Plate Design - Black) 3 NC20KV (Corrugated Design - Black) 1 NC20KV (Corrugated Design - Black) 2 NC20KV (Corrugated Design - Black) 3 NC20KV (Corrugated Design - Black) 4 NC30KV (Corrugated Design - Grey) 1 NC30KV (Corrugated Design - Grey) 2 NC30KV (Corrugated Design - Grey) 3 NC50KV (Plain Design - Grey) 1 NC50KV (Plain Design - Grey) 2 NC50KV (Plain Design - Grey) 3
YGGS WORLD SDN. BHD. (841230-U)  
NC10KV Electrical Insulating Mats        
NC20KV Electrical Insulating Mats        
NC30KV Electrical Insulating Mats        
NC50KV Electrical Insulating Mats        
Electrical Insulation Mat • Insulating Mats • Electrical Rubber Mat • Electrical Switchboard Matting •  
Non Conductive Switchboard Mat • Switchboard Rubber Mat • Corrugated Switchboard Mats •  
Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats • High Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat • Electrical Safety Matting •  
Switchboard Matting • Substation Rubber Mat • Non Conductive Mat • Dielectric Rubber Mat • Switchgear Matting  
~   Roll Form                          
Insulating Mat – Ecoformat                        
Ecoformat – NC10KV/NC20KV/NC30KV/NC50KV Electrical Insulation Mat ( Corrugated Switchboard Mats /  
Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats / Non Conductive Switchboard Mat ) was test under by TNB Labs Sdn Bhd & SGS,  
complied and passed under below requirement.                      
TNB LABS SDN BHD TEST CERTIFICATES (4nos) :                      
1) IEC 61111:2009 - Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-08/001 For NC10KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 0 Withstand Voltage (10kV)        
2) IEC 61111:2009 - Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-10/006 For NC20KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 1 Withstand Voltage (20kV)        
3) IEC 61111:2009 - Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-09/001 For NC30KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 2 Withstand Voltage (30kV)        
4) IEC 61111:2009 - Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-09/002 For NC50KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 4 Withstand Voltage (50kV)        
SGS TEST CERTIFICATES (1nos) :                        
* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.                
  SGS recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.  
1) ASTM D635-14 Flammability Test - This product pass the flammability (Horizontal Burning)  
                                                                 Not spreading fire when ignited or under high temperature.  
   Certificate No: SZIN1908011494PS  
• Switchboard Rubber Mat are manufactured as per the latest IEC 61111:2009 Live Working standard.  
• Electrical Switchboard Matting are used as floor coverings in areas of high voltage applications for the safety of users  
  from dangerous electrical shock.  
• Substation Rubber Mat are flame-retardant.  
• Most of these Electrical Safety Matting have an anti-slip surface.  
Model No. Size Color Surface Design Matting Class IEC 61111:2009 Withstand Voltage Dielectric Test Voltage Nominal Maximum Use Voltage                
NC10KV (Low Voltage) 5mm x 1m x 10m Black Diamond Plate Class 0 10,000      V 1,000           V AC                
NC20KV 9mm x 1m x 6m Black Corrugated Class 1 20,000      V 7,500                   V AC                
NC30KV 8mm x 1m x 6m Grey Corrugated Class 2 30,000         V 17,000          V AC                
NC50KV 12mm x 1m x 6m Grey Plain Class 4 50,000         V 36,000          V AC                
Material Type: Natural Rubber ( NR, SBR )                      
Specific Gravity: ± 1.6g/cm3  
Hardness: 65 ± 5 Shore-A  
Elongation: ± 280%                          
Tensile Strength: ± 4 Mpa  

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